About StateSong Technology

StateSong is a patented technology that converts biological data into music. The idea? Capture and record a muscial rendition of a targeted state, say calm or focused. Then, replay it to bring your mind and body into that state. Using StateSong as a biofeedback tool, we can entrain our minds and bodies towards deeper states of calm, focus, sleep, exercise, even happiness.

StateSong App

StateSong Apps, APIs & Platform

The StateSong App will allow YOU to convert the data captured from your biometric devices (ie smart watch) and transform it into music that represents YOUR best states of mind and body. StateSong APIs and Libraries let you to build Apps and UIs. The Cloud Platform will empower you to create and share music that is 'endogenously' YOU.

StateSong for Wellness, Sports and Music

Health, Sports & Music Uses

Ron, who suffers from PTSD, listens to his CalmSong to reduce anxiety and stay calm.

Pat, a distance runner, recorded her 2ndWindSong to get her there sooner and stay in it longer.

Jen uses StateSong to make music for movie & TV scores with a plugin that imports biometric data.

OpenSource Development

Open Source Community

MediMuse is excited to offer OpenSource access for techies and creatives to envision and develop User Interfaces that leverage the power and flexibility of StateSong's 'Core Technology'. If StateSong tech resonates with you, join the MediMuse Community "here" to get started with the Sound Production platform of the future!

About MediMuse LLC

MediMuse merges biometric data from your smart devices with audio tools, allowing you to create, listen, and share Music created from YOUR body.

MediMuse is delivering what may be the most profoundly impacting biofeedback system and tools developed to date. MediMuse's StateSong technology converts YOUR body's data, while in different states, into music (i.e. relaxed, aware, 2nd wind, etc), then feeds it back to you, inviting YOUR body towards it's best states.

StateSong Samples

Click on the following activities and states to hear sample StateSongs:
Meditating, running, watching TV, studying, day dreaming, gardening, exploring & funny moods.
These samples were converted from biometric data to music using the Statesong app. Now you can hear what YOUR states, moods and activities sound like.

StateSong News

Empatica Blog: Converting Human Data to Music Using the E4 "... StateSong, which in combination with the E4, records and converts biometric data from the wrist as music to help improve peoples' states over time." - Empatica, creator of the E4, a R&D/Medical grade 5 biometric wrist device,

StateSong Downloads

LISTEN! You're Made of Music!!! StateSong apps lets you hear your 'states' as music. As you listen to YOUR StateSongs, you are synchronized with your best states. Download the StateSong Beta (Google Play) & StateSong User Guide.

StateSong Cloud Platform

Create & Share StateSongs on the StateSong Cloud. More coming soon!!

StateSong SDK, APIs

Our SDK provides licensed access to a toolkit of libraries, apis, and plugins so you can leverage the power of the StateSong core technology.

StateSong OpenSource UI

MediMuse provides OpenSource access to StateSong technology so YOU can development UIs and apps for health & wellness, sports, and music production.

StateSong Community

If the intent and opportunities of StateSong Technology resonates with you, tell us about yourself in an email to community@medimuse.net.

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Peter J. Slack: Technology


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